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Your Security Matters

Accord Security – Security Guards Perth takes great pride in providing a comprehensive array of top-tier security guard services that are meticulously tailored to address the diverse security needs of businesses and individuals across the Perth area. Our team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced security professionals who possess a deep understanding of personal and business security practices. Accord Security is your unwavering partner whether your security requirements are residential, commercial, or industrial.

Our versatile suite of services encompasses a broad spectrum of security necessities, including but certainly not limited to:

1. On-site Guards

Strategically positioned security personnel ensure a proactive and conspicuous security presence, establishing a safe and secure environment for your premises.

2. Mobile Patrols

Our mobile patrol teams deliver extensive coverage and swift response capabilities, ideal for those seeking dynamic and adaptable security solutions.

3. Mine Site Security

Accord Security specialises in securing mining sites, where rigorous security measures are indispensable for safeguarding valuable assets and guaranteeing the well-being of personnel.

4. Fly-in/Fly-out Security

Acknowledging the unique demands of fly-in/fly-out operations, we offer tailored security solutions to mitigate the inherent risks associated with remote work sites.

5. Residential Security

Our security guards are adept at ensuring the safety of residential properties providing peace of mind to homeowners and their families.

6. Personal Security & VIP Bodyguarding

Our VIP bodyguards deliver discreet and dependable protection, catering to the security needs of high-profile individuals and events and ensuring the safety of our clients.

7. Escorts in Transit

We offer secure transit services, guaranteeing the safety of valuable goods or individuals during transportation.

8. Closing and Opening Services

Accord Security secures your premises during opening and closing hours, offering protection against potential theft or vandalism.

9. Alarm Response

Our rapid response teams are meticulously trained to react swiftly to alarm triggers, minimising the potential for damage or loss.

10. Corporate Security

We offer tailored security solutions to safeguard your business operations, assets, and personnel.

Your Safety Our Priority

By hiring Accord Security as your security partner, you unlock access to a myriad of advantages that can significantly improve your security infrastructure

Peace and Safety

Our security guards in Perth serve as a visible and effective deterrent against potential threats, ensuring that your premises remain a safe and tranquil environment for your staff and customers.

Customised Solutions

Recognizing that each client's security needs are distinctive, our ability to offer a vast range of services, from general security to highly specialised roles, empowers us to fashion a solution that precisely aligns with your unique requirements.

Reliability and Flexibility

Accord Security is renowned for its dependable and adaptable security guard services. You can confidently rely on us to swiftly respond to security incidents, affording you peace of mind.

Proven Track Record

Armed with a history of successfully deterring crime and safeguarding businesses throughout the Perth area, Accord Security has firmly established itself as a dependable partner unwaveringly committed to protecting your property and assets.

Rapid Response, Superior Protection

Accord Security distinguishes itself through several key features, setting it apart as the preeminent choice for security services in Perth:

Expert Team

Our security guards are not merely professionals; they are seasoned experts. They possess extensive training and experience and an acute understanding of the intricacies of personal and business security

Comprehensive Services

Whether your security needs are basic or highly specialised, we can deliver the precise service you require

Rapid Response

In the face of a security threat, time is of the essence. Our pride lies in our ability to swiftly deploy our highly trained security guards, allowing us to promptly address and mitigate security breaches.


Often, our presence alone is an effective deterrent to criminal activity, ensuring the safety and security of your Perth site.

Superior Protection

At Accord Security, the safety of your property stands as our paramount concern. You can trust us to provide superior protection, fortified by a proven track record of deterring crime.

Hear From Our Clients

Our clients have consistently voiced their satisfaction with Accord Security's services. Here are some testimonials from our esteemed customers:

John D., Perth

Accord Security provided excellent on-site security for our business. Their guards were highly trained and always on time

Sarah P., Perth

We trust Accord Security to protect our VIP clients. Their top-notch VIP bodyguards provide a discreet and secure experience.

Mark R., Perth

I called Accord Security for an alarm response, and they arrived within minutes. Their quick response saved us from potential theft.

These testimonials underscore the professionalism, reliability, and expertise characterising Accord Security's approach to security.

Connect With Us Today

If you are searching for a dependable and professional security partner in Perth, look no further than Accord Security. We invite you to reach out to us today to initiate a discussion about your specific security requirements. Our dedicated team is ready to collaborate closely with you to design a meticulously customised security solution that will safeguard your property, assets, and personnel.

Your safety is our paramount concern, and we are firmly committed to delivering peace of mind through our expert security services. Waste no time—contact Accord Security – Security Guards Perth today and take that crucial first step toward fortifying your security infrastructure

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