Alarm Response Services

Are you listed to attend your own business’s burglary alarm, smoke or refrigeration alarm?

Safeguarding Your Security

At Accord Security, we offer a comprehensive and reliable alarm response service in the Perth metropolitan area. Our service is designed to provide timely and professional assistance when your security alarms are triggered. We understand that the safety of your business and peace of mind is of utmost importance, which is why we're here to take on the responsibility of attending to alarm activations on your behalf.

Why Choose Accord Security for Timely Alarm Response in Perth

Our alarm response services offer a multitude of benefits for both business owners and managers. For starters, consider the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a trained and experienced alarm response officer is on standby to address any alarm activation, whether related to burglary, medical issues, smoke, refrigeration, or other concerns.

With non-monitored alarms, you rely solely on noise to alert you to potential threats, leaving you vulnerable and unaware of the situation until it's too late. With a monitored alarm and our alarm response security services, you gain a crucial layer of defence against perpetrators. Our trained professionals can respond promptly and effectively, following your specific instructions to ensure the security of your premises.

Furthermore, our tailored action plans are designed to meet your unique needs and circumstances. This level of customisation ensures that our response aligns precisely with your expectations, giving you peace of mind and confidence in protecting your belongings and livelihood.

Moreover, our crowd controllers are skilled in de-escalation and conflict resolution. This means they can discreetly manage potential disputes and challenging situations, preventing them from escalating into disruptions that could potentially mar the success of your event.

Enhancing Your Peace of Mind

Several key features characterise our alarm response services:

Prompt Response

When your alarm is triggered, time is of the essence. Our team provides speedy response times to address the situation swiftly.

Professional Expertise

Our alarm response officers are highly trained professionals with years of experience. They are equipped to handle a wide range of alarm activations and situations.

Customised Action Plans

We work closely with you to create tailored action plans that align with your instructions and requirements.

Coverage Beyond Standards

Accord Security goes above and beyond the Australian Standards to ensure security. We cover alarm attendance for guards and patrols comprehensively.

Exceptional Reporting

For transparency and record-keeping, we provide a numbered report after each response, allowing you to stay informed about the situation.

Hear From Our Clients

Here's what Suzanne Murray, Managing Director of Accord Security Pty Ltd, has to say about the importance of professional alarm response:

"I've been in the security industry for over 20 years, and during that time, I have witnessed many business owners and managers attend their alarm responses. Understandably, many come ill-prepared and arrive looking anxious about attending an alarm, not knowing what they may be walking into. It's never a good idea to put you, your employees, or your family at risk and in this position. Please consider having a professional attend instead."

Comprehensive Alarm Response Solutions For You

Ready to enhance the security of your premises and gain peace of mind? Contact Accord Security today to explore how our alarm response security services can benefit you. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the safety of your business, assets, and livelihood. Don't compromise your safety by attending alarm activations yourself—trust the professionals at Accord Security to provide swift and reliable alarm response services. Reach out to us now to get started on safeguarding what matters most to you!

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