ON-SITE Static Guard Services

Maintaining a visual security presence with static security guards has many benefits

Many sites such as shopping centres, warehouses, construction sites, storage facilities, medical offices, hospitals and even car parks, require constant
monitoring day and night.

The presence of an Accord Security Static Guard not only provides a sense of security for business owners, employees and customers. It can also potentially
deter crime and damage, substantially increase the amount of customer service interaction with clients and customers at your premises, as well as provide
constant monitoring of your assets and premises.


Maintaining a sense of security at any business premises not only provides peace of mind for business owners, but it can promote a safe working environment
for employees and lets customers know that your business is concerned with their safety.


The presence of a security static guard on your premises is a greater visual deterrent against perpetrators, crime and damage than camera surveillance
systems alone. Our static guards are trained to assess, observe and report any suspicious activity, security breaches or risks.

An Accord Security on-site guard will also patrol the building and surrounds checking all locks, glass areas and walls for damage and/or graffiti, as well
as conduct additional monitoring requirements as requested, such as refrigeration gauges, timers and equipment controllers, to prevent damage or spills.


Hiring static guards for your premises can communicate to stakeholders that your company is highly focused on customer service. Our security static guards
can make great customer service ambassadors for your company by acting as the first point of interaction for access control or manning a front desk. This
can substantially increase the amount of interaction with customers and clients. Static guards can also provide escorts for customers and employees to
their vehicles, as well as direct visitors.


Hiring static guards for monitoring duties, such as checking credentials and identifications, restricting access to particular areas or monitoring video
surveillance, can relieve business owners and employees from high risk security responsibilities and allow them to focus on their jobs.