Mobile Patrol Services

Having a mobile patrol vehicle attend your premises on a regular basis can significantly deter any perpetrators.

We know that security is an unfortunate necessity. In many instances, the cost of not employing a security company to patrol your premises can be vastly
more expensive and harmful than doing so. Theft, individual safety and damage to assets such as machinery and equipment can have a devastating impact
upon your business or family. Be reinsured that your premises, assets, personnel and/or loved ones are safe and secure with Accord Security mobile patrol

Our services run during the silent hours of the night 7 days a week, 365 days a year, when your business or home is most likely to become a potential
target for any would be intruder. This ensures that your premises are routinely patrolled when you are unable to, providing you with peace of mind at an
affordable price.

Hiring Accord Security for you mobile patrol service needs to regularly patrol your premises can significantly deter perpetrators from damaging your
property, stealing your assets or harming you, your personnel or loved ones.

Our highly experienced and professional mobile patrol team will attend and patrol your premises as many times as you require them to, in order to check the
integrity of your premises. Our mobile patrol services aren’t just about creating a visual deterrent. Our mobile patrol officers can also respond to your
residential or business site’s alarms, lock and unlock your premises, as well as observe and report any discrepancies in a professional manner.