Alarm Response Services

Are you listed to attend your own business’s
burglary alarm, smoke or refrigeration alarm

Many business owners and managers have themselves listed to attend their business premises should an alarm activate.

Having to get out of bed in the middle of the night or leave a family or social event to attend to an alarm, not knowing what you may be confronted with on
arrival, can compromise your safety and your livelihood.

I’ve been in the security industry for over 20 years and during that time I have witnessed many business owners and managers attend their own alarm
responses. Understandably, many come ill prepared and arrive looking quite anxious about attending an alarm, not knowing what they may be walking
into. It’s never a good idea to put you, your employees or family at risk and in this position. Please consider having a professional attend

Suzanne Murray

Managing Director of Accord Security Pty Ltd

Accord Security provides a prompt and efficient alarm response service in the Perth metropolitan area in accordance with, and in some cases beyond, that of
the Australian Standards, covering alarm attendance for guards and patrols. Response times are exceptionally good and a numbered report is left on each
occasion. Not only does Accord Security attend its own monitored clients, we are also pleased to offer our professional alarm response service to any
client wherever they are monitored.

What benefit will you receive by having a monitored alarm and hiring an alarm response service?

First of all, having the right response is the most important defence against perpetrators. Non-monitored alarms make noise and little else. You will not
be notified of the alarm unless a neighbouring business or home informs you and in today’s climate that is just not sufficient coverage for your belongings
or livelihood. With a monitored alarm, a trained alarm response officer can then respond to your alarm, according to your specific instructions, whether it
is a burglary alarm, medical, smoke or refrigeration alarm. The security of knowing that your premises are protected by trained professionals when you
aren’t there and tailored action plans are in place will definitely give you peace of mind.

It will also ensure that you are aware of any of the following:

Ø Intruder Alarms

Ø Personal Attacks

Ø Duress Alarms

Ø Power Fail at the premises

Ø Low Battery condition for standby power

Ø System Fault or tampers

Ø System Isolation